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Lord of Verminion

A Final Fantasy XIV mini-game

Complete Guide: Stage 2 to 24

How to read this guide?

For each stage, I recommend a specific set of Minions: I gave them a name when they were used in more than one stage! The Kidragoras Army and Scholars Extraordinaire are both explained at the bottom of the page. For other stages, I wrote a shortened version of the stategy. Clicking on a stage "name" will send you to the guide page of this stage, if you need a video or more information.

Please keep in mind that this is a guide, and as such, it's possible that there are better ways to finish these Challenges, or that my strategy doesn't work out for you!

Quick guide - All stages

Stage 2: The Kidragoras Army

Stage 3: The Kidragoras Army

Stage 4: Scholars Extraordinaire – Just burn the boss and heal/buff when possible.

Stage 5: The Kidragoras Army

Stage 6: Scholars Extraordinaire – Kill the Imps when they spawn: they are linked to the boss, you can’t miss them.

Stage 7

- Any Minion good against Gates: Lesser Panda or Wind-up Gentleman (can be replaced by Tiny Bulb, Odin or even the Wayward Hatchling).
- 4 or 8 Kidragoras for Arcana Stones.

Phase 1: Summon 2 or 3 Minions good against Gates, one at each Gate.
Phase 2: Send your Minions to destroy the opponent’s Gates and kill their Minions when you are done. Send your Kidragoras on their Arcana Stones.

Stage 8: The Kidragoras Army

Stage 9

- Any Minion with a high SPD and a good defense. For example, Wind-up Gentleman, Wind-up Airship, Cactuar Cutting...
- Any Minion with a decent ATK – I used Wolf Pups.

Phase 1: Summon your Tanks.
Phase 2: Send all your Tanks except one to defend your Arcana Stone. Usually, the left one. With your last Tank, take a bomb, go back to the boss, use your Minion’s Special Action to put the bomb. After 10 seconds, use the Trap button to make the bomb explode. Repeat.
Summon your DPS and kill the little Slime Puddles. You can use another bomb if needed.

Stage 10: The Kidragoras Army

Stage 11: The Kidragoras Army

Stage 12

- Wind-up Gentleman, Wind-up Yugiri and Wind-up Louisoix (or other powerful Minions like Nutkin, Lesser Panda, Mini Mole, etc. WHM Minion of Light instead of Louisoix)

Phase 1: Summon 2 Wind-up Gentlemen.
Phase 2: Summon 4 Yugiri, 4 Louisoix and 2 more Gentlemen. Protect your Arcana Stones first by killing a few enemies.
Always attack the boss from behind. He will destroy your three Gates, but don’t worry. He’ll stop running for a while at this point: burn him!

Stage 13: The Kidragoras Army

Stage 14: The Kidragoras Army

Stage 15

- Wind-up Louisoix, Wind-up Yugiri. You can replace Louisoix by WHM Minions of Light, but it’s really hard to replace Yugiri because of her Special Action.

Phase 1: Summon 4 Louisoix/WHM Minions of Light.
Phase 2: Summon 12 Yugiri. Wait for all of them to spawn before taking your whole group on Odin. Heal and use Yugiri’s Special Action whenever available.

Stage 16: The Kidragoras Army

Stage 17: The Kidragoras Army

Stage 18: The Kidragoras Army

Stage 19:

- Wolf Pup, Wind-up Louisoix, Wind-up Odin. You can replace the Wolf Pup by any Monster with a good ATK and low cost, like the Infant Imp, Littlefoot or Griffin Hatchling. Louisoix can be replaced by the WHM Minion of Light, Odin by another Monster with high ATK (Ifrit, Puff of Darkness, etc.)

Phase 1: Summon 4 Wolf Pups.
Phase 2: Send them defend your left Arcana Stone. Summon 4 Louisoix and 4 Odins. Attack Gilgamesh with them.
Re-summon Wolf Pups when they die, and, when their whole party is dead, summon them again and send them on Gilgamesh.
Put your group out of range when Gilgamesh readies his big attack (he "falls on the ground"). Kill as many Enkidu as you can when Gilgamesh becomes invincible: they hit hard and can outnumber you easily. When it’s safe to do so, attack Gilgamesh again until you beat him.

Stage 20: The Kidragoras Army

Stage 21: The Kidragoras Army

Stage 22: The Kidragoras Army

Stage 23:

- Louisoix, Gentleman, Yugiri. You can try to replace Louisoix by WHM Minion of Light and Yugiri by Minions with a decent ATK and allies ATK buffs (Set of Primogs, Naughty Nanka). But I don’t promise this will work out.

Phase 1: Summon 4 Louisoix.
Phase 2: Summon 8 Yugiri and 2 Gentlemen. Burn Twintania down.

Stage 24:

- Louisoix (replace by WHM Minions of Light but it will be harder), Wind-up Gentleman (can be replaced by Nutkin, Lesser Panda, Haurchefant, Tomato King: high ATK and max speed, or at least 3).

Phase 1: Summon 4 Louisoix.
Phase 2: Summon 6 Gentlemen.
Get your group out of circle AoE, but send one of them in the tower AoE until it explodes. Kill one Twintania when they spawn. Re-summon any Minion that dies. Be focused and quick to react with AoEs and towers!

Groups of Minions

<< The Kidragoras Army >>

This strategy can be used on most stages that aren’t a Boss fight.
You will need:

Phase 1: Summon 4 Kidragoras at any Gate. Switch to another Gate before the timer ends.
Phase 2: Quickly send your Kidragoras on your opponent’s closest Arcana Stone. Summon 8 more Kidragoras, 4 at each other Gate. Send them on the two other Arcana Stones whenever they are ready.

Now, summon two Odins or Gentlemen to support your Minions, either by defending one of your Arcana Stones, killing enemies defending theirs, or helping to destroy Stones.

Stages in which this strategy applies: 2 (Hatching a Plan), 3 (The First Move), 5 (Turning Tribes), 8 (Always Darkest), 10 (Children of Mandragora), 11 (The Queen and I), 13 (My Name is Cid), 14 (Like a Nut), 16 (Exodus), 17 (Over the Wall), 18 (The Hunt), 20 (Guiding Light), 21 (Wise Words), 22 (World of Poor Lightning).

What to do if I don’t have these Minions?

Replace Kidragoras by the Mammet #003G (Gridania). And if you don’t have this one, the Mammet from Ul’dah or Limsa. However, Kidragoras really are the best, because of their high ATK and their survivability. Besides, they should be really cheap at the Auction House (500g on Moogle when I wrote this guide).

Replace the Wind-up Gentleman or Wind-up Odin by any Minion with a decent ATK. For example, Nutkin, Lesser Panda, Mini Mole, Wind-up Ifrit, Haurchefant... To be honest, the Wind-up Gentleman is rather easy to get since it’s a quest reward, and he also has a good DEF and the best SPD you can get.

<< Scholars Extraordinaire >>

This is my usual base setup for Bosses.
You will need:

Phase 1: Summon 2 Wind-up Gentlemen at Gate B.
Phase 2: Summon 4 Louisoix and 2 more Gentlemen. Then follow instructions for each boss, as strategy will be different depending on the fight.

What to do if I don’t have these Minions?

Depending on the boss, you can replace the Wind-up Gentleman by any Poppet with a decent ATK (eg: Wind-up Ixal, Wind-up Sylph, Mini Mole...), and Louisoix by the WHM Minion of Light.

About Minions

As you can see, I mostly used the same Minions. I give ideas about how you can replace them if you don’t have them, but they usually are easy enough to get. Here is a list with replacements. Please be aware that I haven’t tested every replacement, so it might be way harder/impossible to beat some stages (especially bosses) if you don’t have at least one of the recommended Minions.