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Lord of Verminion

A Final Fantasy XIV mini-game

Stage 19: Battle on the Bitty Bridge


Wind-up Gilgamesh
Type Auto-Attack
??? 40 55 4 999
Type Auto-Attack
480 55 45 4 20
Special Action
Eerie Soundwave
Removes all beneficial effects from all enemies within range.
Points Action type
20 Disarming


This is a Boss fight. You’ll have to pay attention to Gilgamesh if you want your Minions to survive!

Phase 1

Summon 4 Wolf Pups at Gate B.

Phase 2

Send your Pups to defend one of your Arcana Stones against Enkidu. Then, summon 4 Louisoix and 4 Odins and send them on Gilgamesh. When all your Pups are dead, summon them again and either use them on Gilgamesh or continue defending.

When Gilgamesh "falls to the ground", his ATK, DEF and SPD are buffed. Put your party out or range, because he will use a big attack when he stands up! I went way too far on the video, but you get the idea.

At some point, more Enkidus will spawn. Send your whole party to defend one of your Arcana Stones. When it’s safe enough, finish Gilgamesh.

Alternate Strategy

By Gary K.

"I would like to provide an alternative strategy for the stage 19 challenge. I'm not at all great at micro managing in real time like your guide requires.

So its flat out impossible for me to keep up with all the Enkidu and protect all three shards. So I went with the bunker down strategy and just focused on protecting the center Arcana Stone and left the other two alone. Whenever Gilgamesh runs away I do not chase. Just fortify the defense on the single Arcana Stone.

Summon 4 Morbol Seedling and 4 Gentleman. I timed the Morbol move whenever chickens were in range or if Gilgamesh was by himself I used it. As for the Gentleman never use the move unless you are trying to burn him down at the very last 5% health. I just kept watch of the hp bars of my units and prequeued the replacement of the next one near death. Then automatically sent them to B to bunker down. Its a slow fight that takes around 6 minutes but I had around 30% left of my total life bar at the end with this strategy. Videos I saw of others were far lower at the end nearly losing at like 5% or less hp left."