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Lord of Verminion

A Final Fantasy XIV mini-game

Stage 4: Little Big Beast


Goobbue Sproutling
Type Auto-Attack
??? 55 40 3 999


This is a Boss fight. You don't have any structure to attack, but he will continue to attack yours. You have to beat him before he destroys your Arcana Stones.

Phase 1

I kept my usual strategy of summoning 4 Kidragoras at Gate B.

Phase 2

Kidragoras are to be sent on the boss. Don't forget to move them around if the boss decides to attack another Arcana Stone.
This Minion uses AoE auto-attacks, so I thought it would be useful to have a healer. I used the Wind-up Louisoix, but the WHM Warrior of Light should work too - I would advise against summoning the Queen Mandragora as she costs a lot of points.

I also called 4 Wolf Pups, but you can use Onion Princes instead, for their Special Attack that raises ATK. Don't forget to use your Special Attacks whenever they are ready, heal your Minions, and the boss shouldn't last long!

This boss's Special Action will pushback all Minions in front of him. And it hurts.

Here is another game, from Tiny Mari.