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Lord of Verminion

A Final Fantasy XIV mini-game

Game UI & Shortcuts

1 - Arcana Stones

Display both players health and remaining Arcana Stones.

2 - Minions Party list

A list of summoned Minions. Can display your Minions or your opponent's. Status of selected Minions can be seen in this list, and Minions that can use their Special action are highlighted.

3 - Mini-map

You can quickly see where units are on the map and structures status.

4 - Summoning queue

Every time you summon a Minion on the battlefield, a timer appears. This recast timer depends on the Minion you just summoned - higher the cost, higher the timer.

You can place at most 10 Minions in the summoning queue. You can also remove a Minion from the queue by clicking it.

1 - Cost gauge

Green is for summoned Minions, orange for those waiting in the summoning queue.

2 - Gates

The highlighted letter corresponds to the gate at which Minions from the queue will appear when summoned.

3 - Minions hotbar

A list of the Minions you chose to display in this hotbar. You can also see their cost from here.

4 - Special action

You activate a Minion's Special action with this button.

5 - Trap

You activate a trap with this button.

6 - Main Commands

Display help text or withdraw from battle.

7 - Battle List

Display information of any of your possessed Minions. You can also summon them from here.

8 - Withdraw

Removes the selected Minion from the battlefield.

9 - Change UI

With this button, you can move some UI elements around.


Keyboard & Mouse Gamepad Mode
Selecting a Minion Left click LB(L1)+Directional Button
Selecting multiple Minions (activating the target ring) Drag left/space key Y(△) Button
Selecting a Minion to summon Slots 1-12 of Hotbars 1 and 2Directional Button
Specifying a destination Select a Minion and right click the destination Select a Minion + B(○) button
Cycling through HUD components/summoning gates Z key (Draw/Sheathe Weapon)Push in the right joystick
Cycling through HUD components/summoning queue -Push in the left joystick
Switching between action party displays (Ally/Enemy forces)- RT(R2) Button
Executing an Action Slot 1 of Hotbar 3 LB(L1)+X(□) Button
Triggering a Trap Slot 2 of Hotbar 3-
Withdrawing Slot 3 of Hotbar 3-
Battle List Display Minion Guide-
In-game Help Menu - START(OPTIONS)
Gamepad Controls
Select a nearby Minion of the same type as the one selected. LB(L1)+Y(△) Buttons
Select all Minions in the same area as the one selected. LB(L1)+B(○) Buttons
Select all Minions of the same type as the one selected. LB(L1)+A(X) Buttons
Move the ground target pointer RB(R1)+ Left stick
Gamepad Controls
Display map jump point
(releasing button will move camera to selected point)
Hold LT(L2)/Release
Move the map jump point LT(L2)+Right stick
Reset the map jump point LT(L2)+Right stick (R3) Press down