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Lord of Verminion

A Final Fantasy XIV mini-game

Chocobo Chick Courier

Summon your chocobo chick courier minion. It may not be in your best interest to entrust him with any important missives just yet.

Spiteful claims that this adorable black chocobo hatchling is, in fact, simply another plain yellow chocobo colored with pine tar in a feeble attempt to prey on prospective buyers have only fueled the natural-born flyer's passion to take to the skies.

Learn more about this minion on Apkallu Falls: Chocobo Chick Courier

Type Auto-Attack
405 50 75 2 20
Gate Shield
Special Action
Choco Trap
Sets a trap that, when triggered, delivers an attack with a potency of 260 to all enemies within range.
Activation Delay: 10s
Points Action type
30 Trap