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Lord of Verminion

A Final Fantasy XIV mini-game




All structures can be destroyed. Arcana Stones remain destroyed, whereas Gates, Eyes and Shield will auto-repair after some time. A gauge above a destroyed structure will display the remaining time before it's repaired. Placing your Minions next to a destroyed structure will hasten the process.

Each Minion will inflict more damage to a specific structure. For example, the Wayward Hatchling is strong against Gates and Eyes. Some Minions aren't especially effective against any structure, but they compensate by having higher fighting statistics or a useful Special Action.

Arcana Stones

Each player has 3 Arcana Stones. The winner is the player who destroys all of their opponent's Arcana Stones. There is a time limit on each game, so the winner can also be the one who has the most Arcana Stones remaining on the field at this time.
Minion: Kidragora

Arcana Stones look like colored crystals.


Gates are used to summon your Minions, and heal those who return to them. You can also destroy your opponent's gates, which prevents their Minions to enter or exit them.
Minions: Lesser Panda, Wind-up Gentleman, Wind-up Odin


Shields give a buff to players' Arcana Stones. Destroying them first will help shatter Arcana Stones more easily.
Minions: Wind-up Haurchefant, Mini Mole

Search Eyes

If your Search Eyes are destroyed, you can only see your opponent's Minions if they are close to yours or your structures.
Minions: Wind-up Gentleman, Puff Of Darkness, Black Coeurl